I write honest stories about my life, and as with all of my work I'm hopeful that these stories will make you laugh, think, and feel less alone.

Often times, my writing centers around the questions that I am most curious about. Questions like:

How can we change our lives? Why is there a gap between what I say I want and what I actually do? How do you keep going when things feel impossible? What does it look like to be brave in everyday life? Why do we care so much about what other people think? Can I learn to be both more resilient and more joyful? If I'm honest with myself, what does a good life look like for me? And so much more.

Right now, my writing can be found in two places:

Notes of Grit & Grace

Each Friday I send a deeply personal email in which I share my real life in real time. These emails are not available publicly, and are instead one of the many bonuses I create for my Patreon community—the awesome folks who support and fund Real Talk Radio.

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City Girl Gone Wild

I'm a former indoor kid who spent 30 years living in some of the world's largest cities, never once venturing out into nature. Sleeping outside? Pooping in the woods? Getting dirty? Dealing with bears and blisters? Absolutely not. No way. But in August 2016, against all odds, I completed a 460-mile solo hike. City Girl Gone Wild is where you'll find a collection of honest stories about that first hike, and about what happens when you say "yes" to new things and decide to choose courage over comfort.


Happy reading!

(Speaking of reading, I love reading! Here's a list of my favorite books.)