It’s no secret that ”m obsessed with green smoothies. They’re quick, easy, portable, delicious, and you can add a ridiculous amount of super-powered nutrients to each one. Plus, let’s all just admit that drinking something green gives you an excuse to feel smug in the best possible way, doesn’t it?

Below, you’ll find my go-to formula for blending up a simple, nutrient-dense smoothie that even the laziest non-breakfast-eater will love. If you’re new to drinking your greens, start with sweeter, smoother fruits (like bananas) and then as your tastebuds acclimate and change (yep, that really happens) you can get greener and more adventurous.


Super easy, right??

One of my personal favorites is what I call the Cinnamon Apple Smoothie: unsweetened vanilla almond milk, spinach, apple, chia seeds, and cinnamon. I also love my Coconut & Banana Smoothie: unsweetened coconut milk, kale, frozen banana, raw cacao, coconut oil, and flaxseed.

But, honestly, the combinations are deliciously endless.

Happy Smoothie-ing!


[graphic design credit: shatterboxx]