What equipment do you use for the podcast?
The majority of the episodes are recorded via Skype, using Ecamm Call Recorder and a Blue Yeti mic.

Whenever possible I do love to record in person, for which I use the following equipment:

Do you edit the podcast by yourself?

Hell no. I'd be lost without the great Adam Day. If you have an audio/music project, you should definitely reach out to him!

Which services/products do you use to keep your website and podcast running smoothly?

  • To schedule recording sessions with podcast guests: ScheduleOnce
  • To power the website: WordPress
  • For email, associated apps, and extra storage: G Suite by Google
  • To fund the podcast and interact with our awesome community: Patreon
  • To host the podcast audio files: Libsyn
  • To send my weekly email series to Patreon community members: Aweber

Which podcasts do you listen to regularly?

You've been a guest on lots of other podcasts. Can you share links to a few favorites?

How can I best support your work?
This is a lovely question, thank you! The best way to support the podcast is to join our Patreon community with a pledge of $8 (or more) per 8-episode season. If you'd instead like to make a one-time donation to support my work, you can do that here.

How can I get your weekly email series, Notes of Grit & Grace?
After I wrapped up my blog in 2015 I transitioned into sending a weekly email, filled with honest stories from my real life in real time. These emails are available exclusively to the members of our Patreon community, and they are a joy for me to write and send each Friday.

Who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram?
Ooo, so many! Here are six people who's work I love following, in no particular order:

(And yes, all of these incredible women have been guests on my podcast, which totally proves how hard I fangirl my own guests, lol.)

I have $25 to spend on a gift for a friend. What should I buy?
Any book from this list. A sassy candle from Evil Queen. Anything designed by Emily McDowellLUSH Bath Bombs.

I'm feeling sad. Can you link me to something that will make me smile?
THIS. You're welcome.

Why are your cats so cute?
I ask myself this question every single day, even when they are being tiny fuckface terrors, because eventually they stop being terrors and instead do something ridiculously adorable like spend an entire afternoon cuddling together on a blanket.