Hi, friends!

Well, I sure hope we’re going to be friends. That’s what this page is all about!

If you’re here, I’m guessing it’s because you’re a fan of the podcast, or maybe because you found your way here via Instagram, and now you’re looking for…. more.

More real talk. More connection. More conversations with me and a community of like-minded people who are tired of living in a world that’s hell-bent on selling us things to “fix” ourselves.

We’re already awesome! We don’t need fixing! Get outta here with that “Top 10 Life Hacks blah blah you’ll never be happy if you don’t eat X and do Y every single morning” bullshit. We don’t want any of that.

All we want is to have honest, unfiltered conversations about real life in real time. We want to talk about silly things and hard things and everything in between. We want everyone to stop pretending that things are Pinterest-perfect all the time.

We want to be free to be who we are, and to find community alongside other people who will support us and laugh with us and lift us up.

And here’s exactly how that works in the context of Real Talk Radio and our corresponding community:

You might have heard that the show is 100% community-supported, which means no ads, no sponsors, and no outside influence. Just us, here together, sharing stories and spreading the message that we're ready to live in a more honest, more human world - one conversation at a time.

The podcast will always be free and available to all listeners on iTunes and beyond. That won’t change, ever.

But if you’re here because you’re looking for more - if you love the show, if you get value and enjoyment from listening, and if you believe in what we're doing here together, then you are warmly invited to join our quirky, awesome family of real talk rebels by pledging a couple bucks per season to support the costs of producing the best possible show.

Once you pledge $8+ per 8-episode season, not only will you help keep the show going (yay!), but you'll also gain access to 40+ hours of bonus content, with new goodies added every month.

This includes:

  • Bonus episodes with former guests
  • Exclusive access to my popular weekly email series, Notes of Grit & Grace, where I share my real life in real time
  • Our fun, casual monthly book club
  • The opportunity to grab tickets for Real Talk: Live events and retreats before anyone else
  • The chance to be featured in an upcoming outro
  • Frequent opportunities to help shape the future of the show
  • 24/7 access to the community feed for conversation with me and everyone else
  • …. and more!

In addition, 5% of the profits from each season get donated to a different social justice organization, so you can feel great about that aspect of your pledge as well.

So basically, you can think of your pledge as:

1) much-needed (and appreciated!) financial support to keep the show going, and to pay everyone who helps to create it
2) an all-access behind-the-scenes pass for tons of bonus content
3) a chance to shape the future of the show
4) inclusion in a wonderfully imperfect and supportive community

If that sounds like fun for you, and if you want to dive deeper into the real talk revolution, then I invite you over to our Patreon page, which is the platform we use to handle pledges and the community itself.

You’ll find the link via the big button below, and I can’t wait to welcome you to our little family!



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