Hi! I'm Nicole Antoinette: writer, recovering self-help junkie, and host of the Real Talk Radio podcast.

I'm totally obsessed with the transformative power of honest conversations.

You know that feeling you get when someone shares something relatable—a fear, a dream, an embarrassing moment, a daily frustration—and you're nodding along so hard you think your head might pop off? That feeling of, "Oh my gosh, yes, ME TOO!" that comes when you're reminded that you aren't alone is my favorite thing, and facilitating these kinds of conversations is the heart of my work.

Those types of conversations are exactly what you'll find over on my listener-funded podcast, Real Talk Radio, where each season I sit down with eight refreshingly honest people to talk about what's really going on in their lives. We dive deep into meaningful topics like: work, love, sex, money, addiction, friendship, racism, body image, mental health, grief, fear, courage, change, and... everything in between.

These guests and their stories will make you laugh, think, and feel less alone. And if, like me, you're tired of all the cliché self-help life-hack bullshit out there, I bet you'll find these real conversations with thoughtful, imperfect people to be a much-loved alternative.

In addition to the podcast, I also host fun live events and retreats for folks who've been craving more real talk in real time, and who are looking to form supportive friendships with like-minded people.

On the personal side, I have spent over 10 years writing and sharing stories from my own life. In that decade I've written about sobriety, sex, hope, love, loss, being a beginner, uncoupling from marriage, long-distance hiking, how to change your life, and so much more.

My popular weekly email series, Notes of Grit & Grace, is where a lot of this story-sharing takes place, and it's one of the many bonuses available exclusively to the members of my Patreon community.

Speaking of the Patreon community, it's the gathering place for people who share my two core beliefs: that you are not alone, and we can do hard things.

If those beliefs resonate with you, you've definitely come to the right place!